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Ayla Premium Dates is a family business owned by the Khalifeh family. Our farms are located in the Karameh area, few kilometers east of the Jordan River in the Jordan Valley, which spans over 50 acres, planted with Medjool dates of tissue culture origin. 

Our quality dates are well recognized locally and internationally. 


We are proud to adhere to our strict guide of quality standards, producing a highly consistent quality product.  

Our Medjool Dates are carefully hand picked, processed into thorough cleaning, grading and immediate storing into our onsite refrigerated warehouses (at around -17 Degrees Celsius).

We maintain international standards during irrigation, fertilizing and pesticide use, to an extent where our product strictly adheres to the international acceptable levels for chemical residues - Codex Alimentarius & EU standards.

We are members of the Agricultural Engineers Association -  JAEA, and members of the Jordan Dates Association - JODA.

Old Medjool palm tree

Date palm trees root back to ancient times in the Jordan Valley area, where civilization started evolving around the Dead Sea. 

Above is an ancient palm tree, few kilometers off the Dead Sea and about 400 meters below sea level, which symbolizes the natural habitat of Dates. What a splendid magnificent view!

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Medjool Dates

Premium Grade

Small:            < 14 g

Medium:      14-17 g

Large:           17-21 g

Jumbo:         21-25 g

Fancy Grade

Skin Separation <25%

Fancy grade medjool date

Choice Grade

Skin Separation ⩾30%

Choice grade medjool date
800 g
800g medjool date packaging
1 kg
1kg medjool date packaging
5 kg
5 kg medjool date packaging
100, 220, 360 & 1000g
medjool dates packaging


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P.O. Box 830378, Amman - 11183, Jordan

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